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Classes in Manister

Classes in Manister

A wide variety of Irish traditional musical instruments are taught in our branch. We teach Tin-Whistle, Flute, Fiddle, Banjo, Button Accordion, Concertina, Traditional Piano, Bodhrán and Drums. We also have Traditional Singing classes and Adult classes. All levels are catered for from beginners up to advanced. It is recommended that beginners start with the tin whistle (Key D) for about two years before progressing to another instrument. Our timetable is designed so that pupils can keep on their tin-whistle class as well as progressing on to another instrument and when competent in this instrument can participate in a group class. In the group class pupils begin to prepare for competitions such as Pléaracha and also Grupaí Cheoil and Band competitions at the Fleadh as well as playing in social settings. There is an adult class available for adults at any level in any instrument. Instrument bank rental is available to adults also.

  Instrument Bank 

Our branch has been operating an instrument bank for the last number of years. This is with thanks to funding from the Ballyhoura Development who provided a grant towards some of the instruments. The instrument bank enables pupils to try out an instrument to see if they like it before making their own investment. Use of the instrument bank is €30 per term and is a great asset to our branch. Children are usually given the instrument for one term. Please contact the teachers if you would like to add your child’s name to that list.

Currently in the instrument bank we have:
➣2 Fiddles
➣2 Flutes
➣3 Concertinas
➣2 Button Accordians
➣1 Banjo
➣1 Keyboard
➣1 Snare Drum and Bass Drum

Manister Timetable.PNG
 Provisional Term 1 Timetable 2018
Note on Groups and Bands:

Group classes are arranged according to age, to adhere to Fleadh Ceol competition format: U12, 12-15, and 15-18. The Grúpaí Ceol competition in the Fleadh allows 11-20 musicians. All students on their second year of their second instrument and students from TW2 or TW3 from this year are welcome to join these Group classes. Students must be competent in their second instrument with the final selection processed by teachers closer to the competition date.

Céilí Bands consist of ten musicians and this must include a piano and drums. These classes will be added in the second term. Students need to be at a competent level in their second instrument with the final selection processed by teachers closer to the competition date.

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